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Tinted or smoked windows come across as the most common upgrade in cars. There exist two ways by which you can carry this out, either by including it as a factory option or using an aftermarket or car accessory company like ROSE CITY TINTING. Just like any other car upgrades, smoked windows come with both benefits and drawbacks. In case you want to upgrade your windows and wondering what pros and cons come with it and its illegality, here’s the deal. Indulge.

Smoked Glass

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01. Enhances a Cooler Interior

Even though it may not apply during cold seasons such as winter, you’ll definitely be at an advantageous position during the hot summer seasons. Smoked windows enhance comfort for the occupants. Further, the car’s air-con won’t have to work extra hard to achieve the cooling effect, not to mention blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays.

02. Enhanced Beauty

Vehicles with smoked windows tend to look sleeker and commands attention compared to non-smoked ones. They tend to look more upscale, particularly when it comes to high end and customized cars.

03. Extra protection

Smoked windows offer the additionally needed robustness to a vehicle’s windshield and side windows, particularly during crashes. The film holds the pieces of shattered glasses together in the event of an accident, thus protecting occupants from potential injuries. Further, it comes in handy during the event of a break-in by toughening up your side windows.

Among other benefits, car owners also insist that smoked windows offer much-needed privacy.

Some Cons

01. Reduced Visibility

It may not be problematic for the driver and the occupants of the car to peep outside during the day, but it’ll prove to be a tall order when driving during the evening and at night time. The risk levels at such times are quite high, owing to the potential of an accident occurring.

02. Peeling and cracking

Saving up on a few bucks by using low quality homespun DIY kit won’t cut it. Sooner or later, cracks and peeling form on your window, giving it an unattractive look. You don’t have the option but to fork out the extra buck to get that smashing look.