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Thomas IS Rose City Tinting. I always wanted to own a window tint shop, and after moving to Camrose in 2013, I saw a fresh market here that badly needed an experienced installer with a passion for the trade – so I set up my homes garage for tint and I began doing peoples vehicles off the buy and sell pages. Soon enough word of mouth spread light a wildfire around the city. In 2015 I licenced Rose City Tinting and have not looked back.

I was born in 1979 in Edmonton Alberta. I grew up in the same house my mother who still resides in on the south side of Edmonton. I moved to Camrose in 2013 and met myself a good Camrose girl – Mandy. She is now my wife as of 8/8/18 when we were married in the Elvis Presley wedding chapel in Las Vegas – yes that IS a thing and yes people do that! Between us we have 3 children – a teenage girl who many of you have had make custom decals for you, and boy/girl twins that were more in 2012 that many of you have met.

  • I am a regular “tint guy” for a lot of auto clubs in Alberta
  • I get a lot of clients driving for hours because they know they will be getting a high end tint job in my shop.
  • Its now 2020 and popularity is growing and sometimes its hard to keep up with the demand.
  • I have built and expanded the business to include many new products and services.
  • I will continue to grow more and more!
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Popular Questions

How Much Is Tinting?
Average prices range from $100 – $400 to tint your whole car. But it’s best to be honest with yourself and your budget before you purchase. If you’re only willing to spend $100 or less, you may be better off spending that money elsewhere (like on 100 tacos at dollar taco night). Lower end tints are cheap — but they look cheap too, which totally defeats the purpose. Don’t be that guy.
Why Should I do It?
Window tinting is an investment in your health, safety, and longevity of your own car’s interiors.

So many positives in reducing the amount of heat and blocking out UV radiation, think of the last time you entered your car to find it scorching hot. Seatbelt buckles burning your fingers, your hands barely being able to touch the steering wheel. The overall discomfort of waiting for the air conditioning to make an appearance.

Does the Tint Come with a Warranty?
If you buy tint without a warranty, and they start to peel and crack the first time a seagull decides to use your car as a toilet, you’re not going to be happy. And god forbid a pelican takes aim at your windshield. Those things are savage. Many window tint brands offer a warranty at no extra cost. Buying warrantied tints not only covers you for faulty materials, it gives you confidence that the tints you’re buying are high-quality.
What Brand Options Do I Have?
Brand really does matter, all the big names out there didn’t get where they are only because they are slick at marketing, they also had a good product. The worlds best brands are backed up by quality and performance. Make sure you research a few different brands before you make your final choice. Give us a call and we can guide you in the process!

Quality of Service

Our quality is always a guarantee!

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I am Rose City Tinting!

A one man army!

I have been tinting Auto since 1998 where I worked for a detail shop as a teenager. Life moved on but I never stopped doing what I love.